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The Room is up close and in-process as Red Machine – their ongoing theatrical study of the brain – goes Under the Knife, part of Harbourfront Centre’s HATCH

TORONTO, ON (Apr. 8, 2010) – Harbourfront Centre's HATCH: emerging performance projects is proud to host The Room and the work-in-progress presentation of Red Machine: Under the Knife. The newly-formed performance company that NOW Magazine has called the “indie theatre version of Broken Social Scene” will close Harbourfront Centre’s acclaimed 2010 HATCH series.

In its theatrical journey into the meat of the human mind, The Room presents a virtual dissection: four abstractions of a single event as interpreted by four distinct physical areas of the brain. The Room invite the audience into the creative process as they explore the eerie intersection between performance and neuroscience.

Red Machine: Under The Knife will be presented Apr. 24, 8 p.m. and Apr. 25, 4 p.m. in the Studio Theatre at York Quay Centre, 235 Queens Quay West. Tickets are $12 (or $10 for students, seniors and arts workers), and are available by phone at 416-973-4000 or through

Conceived by Christopher Stanton, the Red Machine project was launched in the summer of 2009 with a massive workshop series. Red Machine: Part One was produced at The Toronto Fringe, Part Two at SummerWorks, and Part Three at The LabCab Festival in October. At the very beginning, seven different playwrights were asked to contribute text based on seven different parts of the human brain – each corresponding to a human function, experience or perception. The company then collaborated to place each piece into a loose narrative arc involving the troubled and mysterious “Hugo” – and his quest for answers.

With Red Machine: Under The Knife, the collaborators of The Room want to dig deeper into the biology of the brain. As project lead Christopher Stanton explains, “I get an uneasy, eerie feeling - a hybrid of deep fascination and anxiety – in considering that all we see, hear, touch, feel and remember is the product of millions of tiny electrical impulses snapping between neural cells. Who we are is inextricably linked to a physical, complex, and very fragile piece of meat inside our skulls. So we’re drawing inspiration from works like Jill Bolte Taylor’s My Stroke Of Insight and Oliver Sacks’s The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat, and we’re using our HATCH residency to mine the fundamental weirdness of the human mind.”

Red Machine: Under The Knife is a unique opportunity for the public to experience an exciting young company in the process of creation. After the staged part of the performance, The Room shifts focus to its audience – soliciting feedback and direction that will help the company shape Red Machine’s final iteration – forthcoming in 2011.

The Red Machine team is comprised of neuroscientists, dancers, designers, directors, performers, and musicians. Collaborators for Red Machine: Under The Knife include Anna Treusch, Brendan Gall, Chris Hanratty, Christopher Stanton, Daniel McIlmoyl, David Yee, Erin Shields, Geoffrey Pounsett, Gillian Gallow, Ian Mackenzie, James Cade, Jenny Young, Jesse Todd, John Gilbert, Kristy Kennedy, Lauren Gillis, Leora Morris, Paula Jean Prudat, Rebecca Picherack, Rick Roberts, and Thomas Ryder Payne.

About The Room:
The Room was formed in 2009 under the artistic directorship of Brendan Gall, Geoffrey Pounsett and Christopher Stanton. From the website: Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, The Room is a young and independent theatre company that wants to be lots of other things, too. It believes in good collaborators, the best idea and trying things it doesn’t know how to do. It enjoys bucking the odds and falling on its face from great heights. The Room is married to the sea. Website:

Media Contact: Geoffrey Pounsett, 647-998-8821,


About HATCH: emerging performance projects at Harbourfront Centre
Entering its seventh year, the HATCH residency and mentorship programme is a key initiative in Harbourfront Centre’s mission to develop local artists and their unique practices.

The HATCH mentorship provides resources and professional assistance to a new generation of engaging and innovative contemporary artists to reach their next career stage with a comprehensive understanding of process and challenges that artists must embrace.

The HATCH residency package includes one week rent-free in the Studio Theatre, technical and production assistance, box office backing and administrative assistance, marketing and media relations support and workshops, and professional development assistance.

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