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Conceived and Assembled by Jordan Tannahill
Directed by Nathan Schwartz
A Suburban Beast Production
Featuring: Cody Campanele, Lucas Carravetta, Alexander Carson, Cameron
Ruefeld, Jeremie Saunders

TORONTO, ON (February 6, 2009) - Takes Two Men to Make a Brother is a daring new performance work by 20-year old playwright Jordan Tannahill exploring the inner workings of male college fraternities. Part of Harbourfront Centre’s HATCH: emerging performance projects, the show features a collection of dramatic re-enactments, video documentation, verbatim transcriptions, and anecdotes based on the real-life college/frat experiences of the play’s six ‘non-actors’.

Takes Two Men to Make a Brother is at Harbourfront Centre’s Studio Theatre, March 6 & 7, 8:00 p.m. Tickets are $12 or $10 for Students/Seniors/Arts Workers. A special $30 HATCHpass is available for all four shows. Tickets are available by phone at 416-973-4000 or through

Fraternity culture, while an oft-visited theme in popular culture, is one that is rarely disassembled and explored for its true complexity. From rites of initiation, hazings, keggers to candid revelations on the nature of manhood, sexuality, and fraternity; this work weaves the fantasies of the subjects with the realities of their frat lives to create an equally poignant and horrifying portrait of youthful masculinity.

The show has been in development almost six months and has involved an extensive research/recruiting process in which Tannahill and director Nathan Schwartz lived with and participated in the activities of a dozen local fraternities affiliated with the University of Toronto and Ryerson University. Through months of building up trust with the fraternities our creative team was privy to secrets and rituals seldom seen by the general public and a cast of young men who, while with little to no theatre experience, had extremely compelling personal histories to share.

Suburban Beast is an ever-changing collective of theatre creators, filmmakers, and designers assembled and headed by Toronto-based playwright Jordan Tannahill. Using non-fiction source materials as its base, Suburban Beast create works of ‘documentary theatre’ in which real events, non-actors, and natural locations are choreographed with rigorous theatrical aesthetic.

Jordan’s work has been developed and showcased through some of Canada’s most prominent theatres. Recent endeavours include: Squashed (Buddies in Bad Times, February 2008), working as Artistic Associate of the Great Canadian Theatre Company in Ottawa where he workshoped his play The Fugitive Sea (June, 2008), writing the final ten minutes of the infamous Pastor Phelps Project (Summerworks Festival, 2008), and one-woman show concerning an Iraq War deserter Go Home Skyler James, performed in workshop at the Canadian Stage Company (December, 2008).


HATCH: emerging performance projects at Harbourfront Centre
Entering its sixth year, HATCH is a key initiative in Harbourfront Centre’s mission to
develop local artists and their unique practices. The HATCH mentorship provides
resources and professional assistance to a new generation of engaging and innovative
contemporary artists to reach the next career stage with a comprehensive understanding
of process and challenges that artists must embrace.

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