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Harbourfront Centre Circled the Globe to Find Inspired Works from Nine Countries, With Three World Premieres, One North American Premiere and One Canadian Premiere
(Complete Season Schedule included in this Release)

TORONTO, August 28, 2008Harbourfront Centre is proud to announce the exhilarating new season of World Stage 2008/09. 16 inspired works succeed a luminous World Stage 2008 (January to May) that included celebrated productions such as the Dora Award winning Chapel/Chapter from Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company for Outstanding Production, Dance Division. World Stage 2008/09 delivers another series of ground-breaking, infectious and thought provoking performances from a hand-picked selection of the finest international and Canadian companies.

Individual tickets for World Stage performances range from $15-40 with specially priced packages available. Tickets for all performances are on sale Tuesday, September 2, through the Harbourfront Centre box office by phone at 416-973-4000 or through

Harbourfront Centre’s dedication to providing audiences with unrivalled works of theatre, dance, music and multi-media has made World Stage the epicentre of Toronto’s contemporary performing arts development. For the 2008/09 season that spans October to May, audiences can expect new works that challenge, enlighten and push the boundaries of performance, while remaining accessible and engaging.

World Stage takes flight October 16-18 with an exclusive Canadian performance co-presented with DanceWorks from the internationally renowned Kitt Johnson X-act (Denmark). She returns to Harbourfront Centre for the first time in four years with Rankefod, a compelling new dance solo that explores the body’s evolutionary memory through astounding choreography. Concurrently, from October 17-19, the Spaghetti Western Orchestra (Australia) makes their Toronto debut with authentic musical renderings of Ennio Morricone film score classics utilizing over 100 instruments.

World Stage 2008/09 features three works that are a part of Québec Now!, a celebration of contemporary Québec arts and culture in Toronto, from September through December. Two of these run in November with Dave St-Pierre’s La Pornographie des âmes, the internationally acclaimed powerhouse dance performance that explores seductive, graphic and provocative themes, as well as the world premiere of Hospitality 3: Individualism was a Mistake, a collaborative work from Jacob Wren and PME-ART that combines dance, theatre and an indie rock spirit.

Also in November, Vancouver’s Kidd Pivot bring the remarkable Lost Action to World Stage; choreographer Crystal Pite’s staggering new work of physical achievement with seven dancers explores the threshold of what the human body can accomplish.

In December, the third instalment of Québec Now! features the English speaking premiere of The Invisible, a complex theatrical blend of sound and visualization from Marie Brassard, one of Canada’s most captivating contemporary performers.

After a brief hiatus, World Stage 2008/09 returns February 4-7 with the Fresh Ground new works world premiere of Dance Marathon from bluemouth inc., a duration-based performance event inspired by the physically gruelling spectator sport of Depression-era North America. A strong February continues as Pleiades Theatre brings the theatrical masterpiece and epic love story Shakuntula, from the 5th century Indian playwright Kalidasa, to a Toronto stage for the first time. The international triumph Tshepang from South African Lara Foot-Newton is a haunting and uplifting masterpiece of redemption, and also in February the celebrated Tim Etchells brings That Night Follows Day, a play with child actors but written for adults, featuring 16 children between 8 and 14 years of age.

In March, playwright and actress Rebecca Northan turns to an audience member for her saucy Blind Date, a cabaret-style performance piece, and Brazil’s most popular dance troupe Grupo Corpo return with their trademark intensity and two masterful works: Breu and Eight Pieces for a Ballet.

Part of Images Festival 2009 in April, Lebanese actor, director and playwright Rabih Mroué travels through a history and landscape of Lebanon, presenting a personal archive of various materials to investigate how we remember and understand events and occurrences from the past in Make Me Stop Smoking: A Presentation of Ideas Under Study. The world premiere of AfterImage from Newfoundland’s Artistic Fraud also lands in April and centres around a family created and devastated by an accidental electrocution and unexpected adoption, part of Fresh Ground new works.

The month of May belongs to the Stan’s Cafe (UK) as they close World Stage 2008/09 with the startling and evocative theatrical presentation The Cleansing of Constance Brown and the mind-boggling installation Of All The People In All The World, that uses grains of rice to represent various human statistics.

For information on all performances please visit

Complete Season - World Stage 2008/09

Rankefod - Kitt Johnson X-act (Denmark)
Co-presented with DanceWorks
October 16 - 18, Enwave Theatre

Spaghetti Western Orchestra - Glynis Henderson Productions (Australia)
October 17 - 19, Premiere Dance Theatre

La Pornographie des âmes (Bare Naked Souls) - Dave St-Pierre (Montréal)
Part of Québec Now!
November 12 - 15, Premiere Dance Theatre

Hospitality 3: Individualism Was a Mistake - PME-ART (Montréal)
World Premiere
Part of Québec Now!
November 19 - 22, Enwave Theatre

Lost Action - Kidd Pivot (Vancouver)
November 26 - 29, Premiere Dance Theatre

The Invisible - Marie Brassard/Infrarouge Theatre (Montréal)
Part of Québec Now!
December 3 - 6, Enwave Theatre

Dance Marathon - bluemouth inc. (Canada/USA)
World Premiere
Part of Fresh Ground new works
February 4 - 7, Enwave Theatre

Shakuntala - Pleiades Theatre in association with Harbourfront Centre (Toronto)
February 5 - 15, Premiere Dance Theatre

Tshepang - Mopo Productions (South Africa)
February 18 - 21, Studio Theatre

That Night Follows Day - Tim Etchells and Victoria (Belgium)
Canadian premiere (In Dutch with English subtitles)
February 25 - 28, Premiere Dance Theatre

Blind Date - Rebecca Northan (Toronto)
March 3 - 7, Brigantine Room

Breu & Seven or Eight Pieces for a Ballet - Grupo Corpo (Brazil)
March 24 - 28, Premiere Dance Theatre

Make Me Stop Smoking: A Presentation of Ideas Under Study - Rabih Mroué (Lebanon)
Part of Images Festival 2009
April 3 & 4, Studio Theatre

AfterImage - Artistic Fraud of Newfoundland (St. John’s)
Part of Fresh Ground new works
World Premiere
April 16 - 26, Enwave Theatre

The Cleansing of Constance Brown - Stan’s Cafe (UK)
May 5 - 9, Enwave Theatre

Of All The People In All The World - Stan’s Cafe (UK)
May 13 - 24, York Quay Centre
Admission is free


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