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digifest 2004: on the move beckons the digital TRIBE
to Harbourfront Centre on Sunday May 16, 2004

TORONTO, May 6, 2004-Harbourfront Centre is pleased to host digifest 2004: on the move on Sunday May 16 with a full day of events, presentations, lectures and exhibitions that define the TRIBE portion of Canada's largest digital culture festival. From Navigate The Streets' digital urban race to Bill Sack's and JT Rinker's Robot Rock Band performance to a presentation by internationally known graphic designer Matt Owens - the day's mix of ticketed events along with a series of free admission mixed media visual art installations is an innovative launch into a brave new wired and wireless world.

For complete festival information for digifest 2004: on the move exhibitions, lectures, events and presentations visit All Harbourfront Centre events are located at 235 Queens Quay West, Toronto, Canada. For Harbourfront Centre information the public can call 416-973-4000 or visit

digifest 2004: on the move festival details:
The Design Exchange (DX), in partnership with Harbourfront Centre and the Ontario Science Centre, announce digifest 2004: on the move, Canada's largest digital culture festival. This year the festival presents more than 25 innovative presenters and installations. Digifest tackles the wired and wireless life on the move, with a focus on HOME, SELF and TRIBE. digifest 2004: on the move runs from May 13-16 in the following locations: Design Exchange presents the keynote address and HOME (May 13,14); Ontario Science Centre presents SELF (May 15) and Harbourfront Centre presents TRIBE (May 16).

digifest 2004: on the movefull festival passes include admission to the opening night gala featuring Steve Mann's keynote address, and three full days of programming. Passes are available now for $100. Rush day passes are available on the day of the event at the venue box office for $30 per day. Visit or call 416-216-2160 to purchase advance festival passes. For rush day passes visit the Harbourfront Centre box office on-site or call 416-973-4000.

digifest 2004: on the move at Harbourfront Centre
Complete TRIBE event program for Sunday May 16

9 a.m.
Navigate the Streets is an urban race scheduled to take place in nine Canadian cities in 2004. Participants use cell phones and the internet to decipher clues that lead to checkpoints around the city. Whichever team finds all the checkpoints and returns to race headquarters at Harbourfront Centre most quickly, wins exciting prizes. Special offer for digifest pass holders for this race.
For full Navigate the Streets race details, regulations and prizes visit

12:30 p.m. to 1 p.m. & 1:15 p.m. to 1:45 p.m.
Bill Sack, JT Rinker – Robot Rock Band (Buffalo, U.S.A.)
Robot Rock Band is a robust platform for the spontaneous generation of Rock music. Through audio and video projection it provides a portable arena-ready rock experience. Robot Rock Band composes music and controls an ensemble of actual physical instruments in real time. Bill Sack and JT Rinker will be present to talk about the project and to facilitate a live performance. More info at

2 p.m. to 2:40 p.m.
Workspace Unlimited – Virtual World of Art(Montreal/Belgium)
Founded by Thomas Soetens, artist & Kora Van den Bulcke, architect - Workspace Unlimited is a mobile laboratory and creation space focused on artistic and architectural experimentation. Virtual World of Art is the title for a series of new media art projects, which subvert and reconfigure multiplayer game technology to create a network of artistic virtual environments. Thomas Soetens and Kora Van den Bulcke will talk and present elements of their projects.

3:20 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Matt Owens (talk and presentation) - Co-founder of one9ine and volumeone, a pair of graphic design studios whose work has inspired legions of fans around the world. The exceptional range of his work is exemplified by the Seasons series of online reflections, which feature design narratives and personal visual explorations. More info at

2:45 p.m. to 3:05 p.m.
Michael Palmer - MOI (Montreal, Canada)
MOI are digital fashion accessories that display animated messages on high intensity OLED screens set in wearable frames. Michael Palmer will be present for a talk and presentation. More project and artist info at

4:10 p.m. to 4:45 p.m.
Morten Schjødt - Switching (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Schjødt is the director of Switching, an interactive love story film on DVD video where the viewer can change whenever they like. The project attempts to think interactivity radically into storytelling and plot technique. Schjødt will be present to talk about the film with a full screening later that evening at The Drake Hotel. More info at

Free admission TRIBE exhibitions and events at Harbourfront Centre:

Canada Quay - Program
Artist Michelle Gay mingles together fiction and the structure of programming code (BASIC) in a felt installation.Felt references back to the oldest type of textile while the waste material – the felt scrolls - hint at punch cards used in early (obsolete) computers. This free admission exhibition is now currently on display until July 4.

Case Studies - Robot Landscapes
An exhibition that imagines, designs and proposes living environments for robots. This exhibition pairs designers and multimedia artists with low-end consumer robots. Participating artists include : Jon Sasaki, Magic Pony (Kirsten Weckworth and Steve Cober), Jenny San Martin, Kirstin White and Marc Sullivan, Wai-Loong Lim, Marc Ngui and Magda Wojtyra, Sally McKay, Dorota Gelner and Arek Jackowski. This free admission exhibition is now currently on display until July 4.

New Voices Wall
This multimedia exihibition wall display showcases JT Rinker and Bill Sack's Robot Rock Band, Julie Andreyev's 4 Wheel Drift (an interactive VJmobile) and MOI - programmable fashion accessories made by Montreal's Michael Palmer. This free admission exhibition is now currently on display until July 4.

Uncommon Objects - Tekhne
Tekhne (an ancient Greek term used for art and craft) explores the links between technology and creative production through individual and collaborative installations. The exhibition addresses ideas of collaboration, hybridization, intersections between different media and art and craft practices. Participating artists include: Pattie Chalmers, Lynne Heller, Michelle Gay, Tosca Hidalgo Y Teran, Anne Barros, Steve Daniels, Nicholas Stedman & Rhya Tamasauskas Camille Turner & Jim Ruxton.
This free admission exhibition is now currently on display until July 20.

Saturday May 15 - Brigantine Room (9 p.m.)
digifest co-director John Sobol presents a John Sobol Poetry Band live performance.

For further information the public can call 416-973-4000 or visit


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