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Architecture at Harbourfront Centre – New exhibition SACRED SPACE features notable Canadian firms Levitt Goodman Architects Ltd., Kearns Mancini Architects Inc. and Taylor_Smyth Architects

Toronto's newest architecture space launches its second free exhibition SACRED SPACE(running May 3 to September 7) with a free public opening reception on May 2 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.. Canada's Levitt Goodman Architects Ltd., Kearns Mancini Architects Inc. and Taylor_Smyth Architects have created three separate installations in response to the of idea of sacred. Programmed in partnership with the Toronto Society of Architects. SACRED SPACE also features new writing in response to this idea by internationally bestselling novelist Louise Welsh. Programmed in partnership with International Readings at Harbourfront.

Levitt Goodman Architects present Twilight - an installation offers participants the opportunity to slow down and experience the “sacred space” within. The slowly evolving light is a distillation of the 24-hour cycle of the sky – from dawn to dusk to darkness. This enveloping colour-field eliminates objective space and permits a sensation of subjective inner-space. A synchronized soundscape demonstrates flowing time – instead of a rhythm, sounds expand and vibrate in and out of consciousness. Together light and sound form an immersive media space of reflection. As architects, we create environments that choreograph our experience of the world, but in Twilight we frame perception itself into an open architecture. This installation is created by the Levitt Goodman Architects Ltd. team in collaboration with Yiu-Bun Chan (sound design), Kevin Krivel (light design) and Andrew Levitt (conceptual guidance). More information on this firm is available at

Kearns Mancini Architects Inc. presents Ceremony - Sacred spaces can take on any number of different forms; they are intersections of individual and collective experiences. Ceremony is an interactive installation seeking to engage discussion about how sacred spaces are perceived. Whether it’s a location in Toronto that feels sacred, or simply a place that only exists in memory, audiences are invited to add their sacred space to the collection for all to see. Collaborators include: Sound Solutions, Nelson and Garret Architectural Lighting, Rainbow Lighting and Warehoused Plastics Store Scarborough. More information on this firm is available at

Taylor_Smyth Architects present In search of the sacred in the space of the city… - A sacred space does not solely exist in the physical realm, but often involves the temporal layering of physical and non-physical elements. It is an individual or a collective sensorial experience which acts as a moment of transition, a threshold in time where in the sudden alignment of these elements, the banality of the ordinary, the familiar or the profane is altered - offering a transformed perception of our surroundings. The Taylor_Smyth Architects team includes: Gaston Soucy, Aaron Finbow, Anne Frobeen, Rebecca Wei, Robert Smyth, Michael Taylor, Rudy Bortolamiol, Lisa Boyer, Brian Harmer, Andrea Lacalamita, Danielle Powell, Karen Lo, Greg Adams, Marco Bonatti, Dorie Smith, Gaston Fernandez. Collaborators include Interface Floor Canada and Solarfective Products Limited. More information on this firm is available at

Louise Welsh (U.K.) is the bestselling author of The Cutting Room – which was published in 19 languages and won awards including the CWA John Creasy Memorial Dagger – Tamburlaine Must Die, and The Bullet Trick. She lives in Glasgow, Scotland, and is working on a new novel, The Suicide Artist. Her short essay, Rings o' Brodgar and Stennis, tells of two henges swathed in folklore and legend; hosts to a wealth of stories, they have become revered as sacred sites.

Harbourfront Centre has established the first public venue in Toronto devoted to presenting exhibitions which challenge, educate and question the prevailing thoughts, ideas and practices informing contemporary architecture. Exhibitions will present debates, dialogues and challenges between exhibiting firms - with each exhibition constructed specifically to investigate a proposed idea. Architects present their ideas and speculations through constructed model forms/objects, printed images, new media and mixed media. This approach encourages creative links within the architecture community while providing animated and educational public access. This space is also used extensively with visiting school groups and the Urban Studies program in order to relate architectural practice to younger generations.

Exhibition hours: Tuesday through Thursday and Sunday, noon to 6 p.m.; Friday and Saturday, noon to 8 p.m.; closed on Monday. For more information the public can call 416-973-4000 or visit All exhibitions are located at Harbourfront Centre - 235 Queens Quay West, Toronto.

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