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"I tried leaving once. I made it as far as the gate. I got distracted by the guy selling bangles out of his really classy wheelbarrow-turnip truck. I was trying to look at the selection, but this woman gets in my way, so I push her because it’s India, it’s what you do - you push and you shove till you get what you want…”

TORONTO, March 13, 2008 - Two years after Fish Eyes, Anita Majumdar returns to the stage with her newest work, The Misfit. The second in a three part series, The Misfit introduces us to Naznin, a respected classical Kathak dancer. Naznin runs away to India to be with her aspiring pop singer lover, Lucky Punjabi, a boyfriend of her own choosing - the results are dire when Lucky is killed by angry villagers, disgusted with Naznin for running away with a man who isn’t her husband. Naznin is disowned by her Canadian family and finds asylum as choreographer for the Taj Mahal Dance Company, a group of classically trained dancers who perform traditional Mughal-era Indian dance at Indian wedding receptions to English MTV pop music.

Majumdar has created additional characters, Nikki, a woman obsessed with her bra size who runs away after her husband divorces her, and Su-Su who in her youth was married to a tree. At once compelling and provocative, this play attacks its issues with both wit and humour, linking the past to the present as a road map as to why society positions the modern woman in a global complicity of honour.

The Misfit is currently in collaboration with director/dramaturge Mark Cassidy (The Secret of Gabby’s Dresser, Kafka & Son) and leading Kathak dancer/choreographer Joanna De Souza (Firedance- Chhandam Dance Ensemble) and facilitated by Nightswimming Theatre (Dramaturg Brian Quirt/ Producer Naomi Campbell). Additional development will be provided by the Vancouver PuSh Festival, Workshop West Theatre (Edmonton), and Harbourfront Centre’s HATCH: emerging performance projects during the 2007/08 season. For more production and artist information please visit

This production is part of HATCH: emerging performance projects. HATCH is Harbourfront Centre’s annual performance residency programme, designed to incubate and foster invention and innovation in the local theatre and performance scene.Tickets cost $20 (students and seniors). A HATCHpass is $35 for all four HATCH projects. Performances on April 3 to April 5 start at 8 p.m.. For tickets and information, the public can call 416-973-4000 or visit Performances take place at Harbourfront Centre's Studio Theatre at 235 Queens Quay West, Toronto.

One cannot help but feel amazement at how this young woman manages to do everything she does…” Drumbeat Magazine, Montreal

The Misfit - Written and performed by Anita Majumdar
Directed by Mark Cassidy, Choreography by Joanna De Souza & Anita Majumdar
Vancouver - PuSh Festival: January 17-19, 2008
Edmonton - Workshop West Theatre: January 22-26, 2008
Toronto - HATCH: emerging performance projects, Harbourfront Centre: April 3-5


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