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TORONTO, October 2, 2006--HATCH: emerging performance projects presents Theatre Commutiny’s debut of a.rawlings Wide slumber for lepidopterists – a performative translation of her book of poems by the same name. This thought-provoking, multi-disciplinary project consists of six, 10-minute scenes that encompass visual, aural and kinetic aspects of her poetry. This new production explores the fine line connecting literary and bodily characteristics through the stories of three characters as they endure a night of distressed sleep.

"Wide slumber for lepidopterists, with its exploration of the intersection of dreaming and waking, cocooning and emergence, couldn't be a more fitting work for Harbourfront Centre and the beginning of HATCH: emerging performance projects for 2006/07. Not only is the piece interdisciplinary, poetic, and performative in nature, but its vocabulary and language also evoke and resonate strongly with both the very idea of HATCH itself and our upcoming crossdisciplinary focus on the idea of DESIRE. What does it mean for something to hatch? What is the connection of desire and nature?" suggests HATCH programme coordinator Allison Bottomley.

What happens when a person, obsessed with a subject, dreams at night; does the subject affect how she thinks, how she dreams, how her body processes information? If a poet writes poems during sleep, how might a lepidopterist work while she sleeps? What effect does intimate examination of insects have on long-term information processing and subconscious behaviour? Wide slumber for lepidopterists explores these questions through a dynamic combination of sound, movement, and visual art.

Two exclusive performances take place at 8 p.m. Saturday, November 11 and Sunday, November 12 in Harbourfront Centre’s Studio Theatre. Admission is $15 and tickets are available through the Harbourfront Centre Box Office at 416- 973-4000. For more information visit the website at or .

In a recent interview a.rawlings said, “…with an ad-hoc group of brilliant performing artists, I've begun the process of translating the text's content, structure, and white space into choreography, sound score, light plots, set for Harbourfront Centre's HATCH: emerging performance projects.”

Poet a. rawlings, writer/creator of the project, has worked on various projects throughout Canada and the United States. Actor and playwright Conor Green directs. Wide slumber for lepidopterists three-member multi-disciplinary cast includes Amanda Brugel, Alexis Milligan, and a.rawlings. Visual artist Matt Ceolin has designed the set and costumes. Richard Windeyer and Geoff Bouckley electrify the performance with experimental sound and light designs.

This is the first of four HATCH productions with the following three scheduled for February and March of 2007. The Russian Plays runs the week of February 19-25, Dedicated to the Revolutions, March 5-11, and The Girls in the Picture Tries to Hang Up the Phone, March 19-25. HATCH: emerging performance projects strengthen Toronto’s performing arts by fostering local, promising talent and providing opportunities at various stages of their professional development. For updates check out the website at .

Tickets are available through the Harbourfront Centre Box Office at 416-973-4000. Ticket prices vary between projects.

Desire - Harbourfront Centre questions all that you desire. Some believe that desire - a craving for the unattainable, a quest for more things, a longing for immortality - is the root of all suffering. Others celebrate desire as that which drives us forward, motivates us. Can desire be fulfilled, or is it elusive by its very nature?
Desire is part of an ongoing exploration of ideas-based programming at Harbourfront Centre. This theme runs until June 2007.


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