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TORONTO, March 7, 2006– Harbourfront Centre today announced two exciting programmes that embrace the world of contemporary cultural expression. The first, New World Stage, Groundbreaking International Performance, is a series encompassing the incredible range of international performing arts that amaze and fascinate audiences. The second, Harbourfront Centre NextSteps, folds all of the richly diverse expressions of Canadian contemporary dance into one unique programme.

The imaginative and genre-defying creations performed around the world are testing traditional definitions of art forms at every turn. Artists are reveling in their ability to form unexpected genres as they create new works. As audience members we may not know whether to call it theatre, or dance, or live art, or music, or dance-theatre, but we know we love it and that it stimulates, challenges and thrills us in one fell swoop.

New World Stage, Groundbreaking International Performance will include the best of international performing arts in one series. As audience members we crave variety, searching out a taste of this and a glimpse of that in our lives. The New World Stage series will satisfy this craving for diversity as it encompasses international performative culture including theatre, dance, music, live art and even the “Wow! What was that?” type of performance.

Harbourfront Centre has a 30 year history as the foremost presenter of international culture in Canada. Among the list of notable companies that have appeared on our stages are such names as Market Theatre of South Africa, Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company, the Royal Shakespeare Company, Grupo Corpo of Brazil, Traverse Theatre, DV8 Physical Theatre, Suzuki Company of Togo, Maly Theatre of Russia, Robert Lepage’s Ex Machina, Compagnie Marie Chouinard and H.Art Chaos among many others. Building on the foundations of the popular biennial Harbourfront Centre World Stage theatre festival and International Dance season, New World Stage extends into new territories. Provocative, energizing and electrifying, all in one series, the inaugural New World Stage will run from January through April 2007.

Harbourfront Centre’s second new programme NextSteps brings together, under the banner of one series, the astonishing breadth of Canadian dance companies who call our theatres home. In the early 1970s contemporary dance was one of the first art forms to utilize the waterfront property as it began its transformation into Harbourfront Centre.

Over the past three decades Harbourfront Centre has been a primary supporter of Canadian dance performance, presenting seminal work by such noted groups as Ballet British Columbia, Dancemakers, Margie Gillis, O Vertigo, Esmeralda Enrique Spanish Dance Company, Toronto Dance Theatre, The Holy Body Tattoo and Danny Grossman Dance Company to name just a few.

As Toronto has grown and diversified, so too has the variety of the city’s creative dance talent. Now for the first time Harbourfront Centre is gathering all of these diverse expressions together in NextSteps. The new series is an opportunity for dance aficionados to enjoy the remarkable ways dance artists are inspired by the world around them. Audiences will experience not only the variety but also the commonalities that unify dance expressions originating from diverse cultures. Harbourfront Centre NextSteps will begin in September 2006 and run through May 2007.

Details for both New World Stage, Groundbreaking International Performance and Harbourfront Centre NextSteps will be announced at a future date.

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