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A Bounty of Unique Craft Creations by Harbourfront Centre Artists

TORONTO, November 25, 2004-Bounty, the Canadian contemporary craft shop at Harbourfront Centre, is the Toronto destination for innovative and affordable works created by the many talented artists at Harbourfront Centre’s Craft Studio. Purchases of these works at Bounty support the artists as well as Harbourfront Centre's continuing not-for-profit programmes.

The Craft Studio at Harbourfront Centre is the only Canadian institution offering an artist-in-residence programme that encompasses education within a professional setting. In the thirty years of The Craft Studio's existence, more than 275 craft artists have taken advantage of this programme to help launch their careers. Artists in the glass, ceramic, metal and textile studios supply Bounty with contemporary, one-of-a-kind functional and decorative pieces.

Works by Craft Studio residents and alumni at Bounty include Rachael Wong, whose experimentation with unorthodox vessel structures blends form and colour schemes to produce functional and decorative shapes in glass; Hilary Masemann expresses simplicity, balance, and elegance through basic vessel shapes in porcelain. Jewellery by artist Catherine Allen consists of unique mixtures of metal, textiles, and gemstones while Gillian E. Batcher's designs are beautiful wire-woven pieces exhibiting motion and colour variation. Textile artist Peggy Mersereau utilizes felt, silk, and nylon to create dynamic designs for brooches. Pattie Chalmers' figurative clay sculptures reflect her irreverent imagination - from enigmatic businessmen with bemused expressions to an uniformed schoolgirl hiding a handgun behind her back.

Bounty is the exclusive Toronto retailer for prominent Canadian woodturner Don Stinson; whose functional wood bowls reflect the type of tree from which they were created. Toronto artist Karen Jack Krupa makes scarves with vintage obi, kimono and saree fabrics - exuding an exotic and classic oriental flavour.

Bounty offers the public an opportunity to purchase unique speciality crafted pieces while supporting the designs of Harbourfront Centre Craft Studio residents and alumni, and prominent independent Canadian artists.

Bounty and The Craft Studio are located at Harbourfront Centre (235 Queens Quay West, Toronto). Both are open Tuesday through Sunday, closed Mondays. For hours and information call 416-973-4000 or visit


Media Contact:
Shane Gerard, 416-973-4655,

Featured Craft Artists at Bounty:
Hi-res jpegs of these artists works available at:

Rachael Wong
Toronto glass artist Rachael Wong uses the aesthetics of colour and form to create contemporary pieces of self expression and art. She primarily uses the vessel form in unorthodox shapes - both as a functional object and as a decorative medium. Wong often creates a series of similar glass works in order to reinforce her belief that each piece informs and relates to one another, while also being unique on its own. Wong graduated with a BFA in glassblowing studies at the Alberta College of Art and Design and is currently a Craft Studio resident at Harbourfront Centre

Gillian E. Batcher
A graduate of George Brown College’s Jewellery Arts Program, Toronto-based Batcher is currently a Harbourfront Centre Craft Studio resident who continues to explore and develop ideas and techniques as a metalsmith. Batcher’s pursuit and passion for jewellery has led her to acquire skills and knowledge both at home and abroad which has resulted in a unique personal style. Conceptually, Batcher experiments with motion in jewellery and the process of textile techniques in metals.

Catherine Allen
Allen is a Harbourfront Centre Craft Studio alumni and a graduate from George Brown College’s Jewellery Arts program. Based in Toronto, Allen has been recognized with a Gold Medal from the Canadian Jeweller’s Association. She has also showcased her works at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. Allen gathers inspiration from the organic architecture of nature and aspires to encapsulate the energy and sculptural qualities of her surroundings through the use of metals and gemstones.

Julie Gibb
Toronto glass artist Gibb is currently a Harbourfront Centre Craft Studio resident and a graduate of Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. Gibb has showcased at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, First Canadian Place Gallery and Harbourfront Centre. From milk bottles to home science kits, her work draws from a common pool of 1950's nostalgia. By interspersing hand-crafted items with similar machine made counterparts, Gibb challenges viewers to discern between the two.

Hilary Masemann
Toronto-native potter Masemann is a graduate of Sheridan College's Ceramics Program and is currently a resident at Harbourfront Centre Craft Studio. Masemann’s work is functional porcelain and is made on the potter’s wheel, then decorated with patterns and textures. She employs various decorative techniques, including carving, slip inlay and shellac resist. Simple and elegant forms lend themselves well to this surface treatment. All of Masemann’s work is intended for functional use.

Pattie Chalmers
Ceramic artist Pattie Chalmers is currently a Craft Studio resident at Harbourfront Centre. Prior to moving to Toronto, she completed her BFA in Printmaking at the University of Manitoba and her MFA in Ceramics at the University of Minnesota. Chalmers creates playful, unpretentious, thought-provoking artworks out of ceramic vessel forms and figurative sculptures. Her diverse materials include clay, wax, fabric, papeir maché and embroidery. Her love of narratives by the Grimms brothers, Hans Christian Anderson, comics and movies are influences clearly reflected in her works.

Peggy Mersereau
Harbourfront Centre Craft Studio alumni, Peggy Mersereau, explores the relationship between fibre and jewellery and employs embroidery to create depth and interest in her pieces. She uses materials such as felt, silk, and nylon in provocative ways in order to beg the question -- What is fibre? What is jewellery? A Textile Studio graduate of Sheridan College, she is currently on the Ontario Crafts Council Board and chairs the Emerging Professionals Committee.

Don Stinson
Master Woodturner Don Stinson has studied at both York University in Toronto and Sheridan College. His handmade pieces are comprised of Eastern Canadian hardwoods, with several varieties of Ash, Maple and Birch. Stinson uses his artistic vision to create wooden bowls and furniture. The goal of these pieces is to keep each reflective of the tree from which it came. For more artist information visit

Karen Jack Krupa
Toronto multi-media textile artist Karen Jack Krupa creates distinctive fabric designs by traveling around the world collecting exotic cloth. Krupa collages these surfaces with vintage obi, kimono, saree and contemporary fragments from the world’s looms to design unique scarves, wall hangings, cushions and textile commissions. Her textile print designs are known for their texture, rhythm, colouration and lively invention of image. She uses a vast array of media in her work, including silkscreen printing, hand dying, embroidery, weaving, applique and beading.

Media Contact:
Shane Gerard, 416-973-4655,

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