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Emerging choreographer bridges artistic cities and disciplines at HATCH

Toronto, ON (March 25, 2013) Our Last Picture is a choreographic experiment by Mexican-born photographer and emerging choreographer Andréa de Keijzer. It examines the moments before and after a photograph, a performance or an event. It is a skillfully wrought "dance cover" of Esthel Vogrig’s solo Mi Ultima Foto, which challenges conventional notions of originality and authorship in the creation process while turning a solo into a piece for five performers: Ariane Boulet, Joannie Douville, Madeleine Shen, Cara Spooner and Arielle Warnke.

This choreographic conversation began in Mexico in 2010 by Esthel and is being continued in Canada in 2013 by Andréa. The piece will be performed at the Harbourfront Centre as part of the HATCH 2013 season. The inaugural performance is scheduled for April 20, 2013 at 8 p.m. and will be followed by a Q&A.

The project concept was born in 2011 when Andréa traveled to Bogotá, Colombia to participate in Festival Grado Cero. While there, she attended Mexico-city based Esthel Vogrig’s solo performance of Mi Ultima Foto. Inspired by the piece, the concept of a “dance cover” emerged. While common in music and theatre, both Andréa and Esthel recognized that covers are under-represented in contemporary dance.

The process of re-imagining the original piece has been focused around movement research and images of impermanence in contrast with objects of remembrance, such as personal photographs, taxidermy, fruit preserves or any kind of human effort to freeze time. Using simple video technology, the dancers on stage engage in crafting distilled full body portrait collages, interdependent movement studies and cold-memory storytelling.

Since returning from Mexico, Andréa’s creative process has been largely nomadic. She collaborates with teams in both Québec and Ontario. In Montréal, they include dancers Arielle Warnke, Joannie Douville, Ariane Boulet, and musician Gabriel Vignola. The Toronto team includes dancers Cara Spooner and Madeleine Shen, poet Erin Robinsong, and archivist Niomi Cherney. Together, the entire team works from and is fluidly adapting material based on the Esthel’s original structure. Dancers from both provinces take part in decision-making and the highly collaborative process will culminate when the group gathers at Harbourfront Centre for the five-day residency from 15 to 20 April, 2013.

Andréa de Keijzer, member of Compagnie Je suis Julio, is a Mexican-Costarrican-Canadian performance, photography and video artist currently based in Toronto, ON and Montréal, QC. Her work is a collection of situations, experiments, performances and rituals that invite both performer and audience to return to their senses. Andréa has performed and presented her work in Toronto, Montréal, Colombia, France and Italy. Her most recent work Wolves & Selves, created with Erin Robinsong, was presented at the 2012 Montreal Fringe Festival. Our Last Picture, presented at the HATCH 2013 season is her Toronto choreographic debut.

Esthel Vogrig is an established Mexican-Italian dancer and choreographer. She is part of Colectivo AM in Mexico, a group of performers that engage in creative collaborations, talks, and recently the publication of a book about the creative processes of Mexican-based choreographers. Over the last ten years, her work has been performed in Mexico, France, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, and the Dominican Republic in performance and electronic art festivals. Since 2003 she has been interested in intermedial performances, works that walk the lines between two or more art disciplines. In 2010 she developed her solo Mi Ultima Foto that has had great success and has toured extensively around Latin America.

Saturday, April 20, 2013 at 8:00 p.m.
Location: Harbourfront Centre, Studio Theatre
York Quay Centre, 235 Queens Quay West, Toronto, ON.

Regular: $15
Student/Senior: $12
Industry: $12
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About HATCH:
Entering its tenth year, HATCH is a key initiative in Harbourfront Centre’s mission to develop local artists and their unique practices. Curated byTrevor Schwellnus, the 2013 HATCH residency and mentorship programme provides resources and professional assistance to a new generation of engaging and innovative contemporary artists.


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