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Badass Dance Fun presented in association with Harbourfront Centre.
Toronto, show us your badass!

TORONTO, ON (*March 2, 2012) – Life’s far too short to be taken seriously all of the time, and this month, Toronto-based choreographer Eroca Nicola (aka Lady Janitor) teams up with Harbourfront Centre to bring you Badass Dance Fun as part of NextSteps. Baddass Dance Fun is the newest platform for experimental contemporary dance, featuring emerging artists who play with the audience/performer relationship. Reminding us that we should let down our hair and loosen our ties every once in a while, their work is presented in a casual and community-based way to include the public in their performances. These dance rebels search to connect with their audiences and demystify dance.

Curated by Eroca Nicols, experience a mini-festival featuring play, unapologetic fun, and really loud music. Baddass Dance Fun is a super cool lineup of two different nights of programming. “We are approaching the theatre with a fresh set of eyes. Can we imagine a different set of rules for what it means to be in a theatre? What are our roles as audience and performers? What are the rules and why do we choose to comply?” explains Nicols. “These dancers are badass; it is going to be awesome!”

"Eroca Nicols is on a mission to make contemporary dance fun and accessible."
– Susan Walker, Toronto Star

MARCH 28 & 30 | 8PM
Tara Gaucher (Edmonton)
Meg Foley (Philadelphia)
Lady Janitor aka Eroca Nicols (Toronto)
cube 3 (Toronto)

MARCH 29 & 31 | 8PM
Meryem Alaoui (Toronto)
Julia Male (Toronto)
kirsch&keenan dance endeavors (Montreal/Germany)
Cara Spooner (Toronto)

MARCH 31 | 2PM
Talk backs are held on March 28 & 29 and will be lead by Eroca Nicols and Cara Spooner.


Messapotamia Lefae (House of Lefae)
Utilizing amateur YouTube starlets' bathroom video recordings, Messapotamia Lefae (House of Lefae) produces short dance films with an imaginative, surrealist twist. The costuming, body language, the subtle narratives, delivery of the lyrics, and gender interpretation are meant to be ironic, campy, and dissonant.

Useless Creatures
Kirsch & Keenan dance endeavors
Useless Creatures explores the travesty of displaced species and the becoming of freaks. The work is inspired by an Asian flying carp, a non-native species introduced to the Mississippi River and Great Lakes which are now both an invasive environmental threat and tragic acrobatic spectacle. Kirsch and Keenan dissect delicate relationships in disturbed eco systems and create an absurd journey of comical, monstrous and phenomenal survival attempts.

Renvoi- Trio
Mereym Aloui
Who is I? Who is the other? Three bodies on stage moving and sounding reflect each other, and pause to reflect their own self. A performance work where Renvoi asks questions around core identity.

Invitations/Into/Traces or a machine which only creates surprises
Cara Spooner
Spooner is a World Stage Embassy member and former HATCH artist. The rough thematic thread of time-based experience binds together this interactive, movement based performance. Invitations/Into/Traces or a machine which only creates surprises directly uses the audience’s social codes, expectations and pre-conceived imaginings of what they understand is a performance. Exploring the concept of 'witness as performer', the work attempts to break down how and what we embody as an experience, as well as what informs these experiences and what is left behind afterwards.

Birthday Party
You are cordially invited to cube3’s birthday party, which includes interactive celebrations from around the globe. Examples of the mayhem that will ensue: the Japanese tradition of placing a large rice ball on the back of a baby while it tries to crawl and the Mexican tradition of smashing a Piñata. All set the sound track of “Happy Birthday”.

Karaoke Dance Project
Lady Janitor
The Karaoke Dance Project (KDP) brings together the high art of contemporary dance performance with the seemingly more commonplace act of getting drunk with friends and singing in front of strangers. Drawing on narratives and imagery of public glory and humiliation reflected in reality TV shows KDP will explore our love and hate for the culture of pop performance. We will also do some great dancing, singing, watching and have a good time together! KDP will be a genuinely shared experience. It will be a party.

Sad Dog
Julia Male
Revisiting choreography from a former era of her dance life, Julia Male works with dancer Meryem Alaoui to distinguish between her past and present perspectives on 'figurativeness' in movement and reflect on how instincts change over time.

Tara Gaucher
whose butt has been here?!
Tara Gaucher will be your very own personal tour guide of Harbourfront Centre. whose butt has been here?! examines the moments spent in the very seats of the theatre. You've sat down in a warm chair before, but have you wondered whose gluteal region leant the heat to that very seat prior to your arrival? Gaucher shines a light back out on to the house and remind the audience, that they too are quite fascinating to observe.

Meg Foley
Natural explores the tenuous line between the performer’s desire to invite the viewer into performance and retaining the fourth wall. To play on that line, Meg Foley explores attitude, sharing space, face painting, and costuming. To choreograph is to create and arrange an original and discrete world, and Foley focuses on making structural (time- and space-based) choices that amplify the qualities and suggestions made by the particular movement of her body.

After earning her BFA in Film/Video/Performance and Sculpture from California College of the Arts (San Francisco and Oakland), Eroca Nicols trained in the professional training programmes at Ballet Creole and The School of Toronto Dance Theatre. She founded Lady Janitor Productions in the fall of 2008 and is currently a Toronto-based choreographer, dancer, dance filmmaker, producer and co-founder of the Toronto Dance Community Love-In. Eroca's works have appeared at Nuit Blanche, (Toronto), The Cube (Bristol, UK), Dance in My Backyard, Toronto's International Dance Day, Dance Matters, the Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival and The Young Centre for the Performing Arts.

Tickets are priced at $15 for programme A on March 28 & 30, 8 pm, or programme B on March 29 & 31 at 8 pm. Tickets for double bill of programmes A & B are priced at $25, March 31 at 2pm.

Tickets for all NextSteps 11/12 performances are on sale through the Harbourfront Centre box office; the public can call 416-973-4000 or visit

For additional information and complete event listings, the public may visit or call the Information Hotline at 416-973-4000. Harbourfront Centre is located at 235 Queens Quay West in the heart of downtown Toronto’s waterfront.

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